Enjoying your day in the garden or on the terrace is increasingly becoming a reality. This trend brings with it new requirements for comfort. One of them is making the long hot summer days or the rainy ones more enjoyable. Outdoor pergolas are the solution for such days. Our offer includes bioclimatic pergolas with tilting aluminum slats, pergolas with movable textile shading and pergolas with a fixed roof made of glass or polycarbonate. You can choose from dozens of different patterns and colors, the choice is yours. VISIO will provide the entire turnkey process, including construction modifications.


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Send us a non-binding inquiry with your idea. Our nearest sales representative will attend to you and prepare an offer tailored to you individually.
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We provide our clients with a 2-year warranty. We don’t forget our clients even after 2 years. By being a member of the VISIO family, you have endless options for post-warranty service.



In addition to the standard offer, we also have options for its expansion for our clients. We offer you automated control with a connection to a smart home, premium PVC fabric, custom printing and LED shoulder lighting. The advantage is the possibility of connection with our AWNINGS or SCREEN BLINDS.


In the offer you will find different color versions from basic colors to premium. The color palette has over 96 color combinations. If you can’t find your color, together we can adapt your request to custom.


We will secure the entire process on a key basis. All you have to do is make a non-binding offer with us and we will take care of everything. We will come at the agreed date to focus on the project, give technical advice or show various samples. We will then prepare a tailor-made offer and, after approval, deliver and install the project. Warranty and post-warranty service is a matter of course.


Clients who choose to install pergolas get not only a visual beautification of their home but also other functions. Among the most important is the temperature reduction under the pergola. Other advantages include reliable protection against sunlight, long-lasting PVC fabric with UV protection and durable surface treatment, and comfortable control via a mobile application.


They are an alternative between solid and textile pergolas. They work on the principle of tiltable aluminum slats, which are anchored in the supporting structure. By changing their position, the transmission of light is regulated. At the same time, the system enables smooth ventilation of the space under the pergola. When the slats are completely closed, protection against rain is ensured. The side walls can be shaded with SCREEN BLINDS from our offer.


They are characterized by a variety of designs and colors. PVC fabric is used as a shielding material. The main advantage is the ability to retract the fabric in case the shielding is no longer needed. They are mostly mounted on a solid wooden or aluminum structure. By connecting several modules, it is possible to cover a larger part of the surface.


The fixed roof reliably protects the space under the pergola. The structure of the pergola is made of aluminum profiles with durable surface protection, and the roof is made of safety glass or polycarbonate. If necessary, it is possible to additionally shade the pergola with an AWNISH from our offer or use SCREEN ROLLS on the side walls.


Our prices, which depend on several factors, are calculated individually for each customer, therefore it is not possible to determine the price for a regular meter. However, we will be happy to prepare a non-binding price offer tailored for you.
Yes, our VISIO building division provides comprehensive construction services – from interior to exterior works.
In most cases, customers send us indicative details on the basis of which we create a price offer. If they accept the price offer, we will personally come to focus on the entire order. However, if you are interested in focusing even before creating a price offer, it is advisable to make an appointment with our sales representative in view of travel planning.
You can obtain a free price quote by filling out the FORM SHADING TECHNOLOGY. available on our website.
We are glad that our products and the satisfaction of our customers speak for us in this matter. Proven quality, friendly employees, expert advice, continuous product development, perspective of a stable company for warranty and post-warranty service, responsible approach to work, emphasis on details. Connect with us and experience the peer approach for yourself.
It is good to check the work of the given company, what are their implementations and the satisfaction of already equipped customers. In the case of a long-term perspective, it is more advantageous for you to choose a professional company that will remain on the market in the future and thus you will not lose the guarantee. There is also a guarantee that a larger number of orders pass through the company’s hands, thus they have “picked up” various errors that may arise when using the gate. Development is a matter of course for the company, which is why their products are more functional, innovative, and long-lasting. If you look at the company in question, the order they did a year ago looks different than the current one – this shows how they are dedicated to developing new things.
You can report a malfunction or damage to us via email at our service email It’s necessary to attach photos of the specific defect to the email. Upon receiving the email, you will automatically receive a generated message. Subsequently, our technician will address the problem, and evaluate the cause of the defect. In the last step, you will be contacted about the further procedure.
Automatically, when reporting a fault, our technician will agree a date with you when we will come to fix the fault. Everything within your satisfaction and the date that suits you best.
We provide our clients with a minimum 2-year warranty for our external blinds. You can customize this warranty period for each of our products to your liking, and thus it is possible to purchase an extension of the warranty as needed. We don’t forget our clients even after 2 years. By being a member of the VISIO family, you also have endless options for post-warranty service.
Standard pergolas up to 7 weeks. Of course, all delivery times are communicated to you in advance and agreed upon according to the terms of the contract.
The project status is generated for several phases, which are automatically sent to the client’s email address.