How to choose the right garage door for your home

How to choose the right garage door for your home

The correct choice of garage door is very important, especially in terms of type, size, surface, color or accessories. If you have no idea what is involved in choosing a garage door, don’t leave and read this article. Whether you can choose or not, we will be happy to help you in everything.

The most common choice when choosing a garage door

In the VISIO offer you will find the most requested sectional doors, which consist of panels (sections) and a supporting structure (rails). This structure is mounted on the inner wall on the sides of the garage opening. Another word is also called lining. Subsequently, this structure is bent to a 90° angle so that the gate can be opened by pulling it under the ceiling.

The panels of the garage door are folded into each other and gradually attached to the rails with guide wheels. The panels are connected to each other by curtains. In addition, the bottom panel has integrated sealing rubber with the FINGERSAFE function. This rubber is also mounted on all sides of the opening to ensure the best insulating conditions for the gate.

The second type of garage door is the wing type. However, you will not find them in our offer. This is due to their small occurrence and not the best technical solution and comfort provision. Sectional doors save space in the garage and in front of it, thanks to which you can create even a small garage into a great place for parking your vehicle, storing work equipment or storing sports equipment.

Choice of panels and their colors

Another and important criterion when choosing a garage door is the choice of panels. In our offer you will find 4 options, but you will not find any technical differences between them. It is rather a difference in the design itself. Since at VISIO we know which gate construction is the most efficient and safest, we only bet on the difference in visual elements.

These four types have different so-called overprints, which are also created between panels, but also so-called artificially created grooves in the panels. We also offer garage doors without moldings, so the only design partition will be the one between the panels.

All insulation is provided by 40 mm CFC polyurethane foam, which gives garage doors the best insulation properties. Such foam has high heat resistance and contributes to reducing heat loss in your garage or basement.

If you choose the style of the panels, the choice of color comes next. In our offer you will find more than 25 color designs, whether they are classic RAL designs or wood imitations. For more demanding clients, we also offer custom printing on the surface of the gate. We think that there are no real limits in this direction either.

Accessories for garage doors

The last element for the right choice of garage door is definitely the accessories. We can divide this part into basic and additional add-ons. Among the basic elements, control elements and a safety spring in case of spring breakage must not be missing. Optional extras include drives, built-in doors or windows and associated hardware, ventilation grills, noise reduction or LED gate lighting.

What special accessories you choose is up to you. From our side, we definitely recommend choosing automation with the option of connecting to mobile devices, which will give you real comfort. For clients who need lighting in the interior of the garage, we recommend the option of implementing windows in panels or the option of purchasing additional LED lighting in a strip connected to the drive unit.

Choosing a suitable garage door does not have to be difficult, especially if you have someone to help you. Feel free to contact us with your request and preferences for the garage door and we will take care of everything else for you.