Gate in an extreme climb

Cantilever gate in an extreme slope with a gate for pedestrians

The following article will discuss one of our latest references. We would like to show you that even technically more demanding solutions are a challenge for the VISIO systems company and we are happy to accept this challenge. The specificity of this reference lies in the slope in which our client’s land is located. In absolute terms, this is a 12% increase. We will try to explain how to prepare for such a project, what it requires and what it entails in the following lines.


The first step for a successful implementation is the correct alignment of construction openings and concrete footings as well as agreement on all details and client requirements.

The specificity of this order also consisted in focusing the angles using a laser and other tools intended for this purpose. At the first meeting, we also fine-tune the details regarding the pattern of the filling (the appearance of the gate), the color and all accessories.

However, the given meeting also required the agreement of details related to the ascent. The client was informed directly on the spot about the necessary accessories for the given climb, i.e. about the use of a more powerful electric drive, multi-wheeled polyamide carts and a hydraulic brake.

Brána v extrémnom stúpaní


Brána v extrémnom stúpaní
Brána v extrémnom stúpaní
How does the production process proceed after the price offer is approved?

Our first step is the processing of all technical drawings by our staff. In this (of course also in other) orders, it is very important to accurately calculate and draw all the angles of the gate, so that the production, which proceeds according to these drawings, can make everything to measure. In this case, on the basis of the precise focus of the angles, our worker was able to create technical drawings, which then continue into the hands of the production manager.


The production manager goes over the entire order together with the designer, and when everything is clear for both parties, production begins. Even before the first cut, the technician goes over everything with other workers involved in the given project. In the production of this particular order, we simulated the measured opening in the workshop with a slope and inserted the welded gate frame into it to see if our calculations were correct. Subsequently, when the frame was properly made, we followed the standard steps.


When the gate is ready for final assembly, we inform the client and agree on a date. For such assembly, it is also necessary to procure a vehicle with a hydraulic arm (note: we provide it). This device saves our workers, but at the same time, this gate required more thorough handling, as it had to be held in certain positions for a longer period of time. However, even before the hydraulic arm is used, it is necessary to accurately measure and attach the supporting trolleys to the concrete foundation. Their setting is the alpha and omega of the entire operation of the gate. The next step is testing whether the gate is correctly placed and whether the manual operation of the gate is in order. Such testing was a bit more difficult for the given order, as the gate was placed on an extreme slope. Is such manual testing necessary at all? Yes, because that way our workers can find out if the gate is correctly placed, if it cooperates with polyamide trolleys. If something is wrong somewhere, it is much easier to solve it before installing the electric drive to avoid unnecessary complications. If the gate has been successfully laid and there is nothing obstructing the movement of the gate, the upper guide is installed to ensure the stability of the gate and the final installation of the gate drive takes place.

Next, we will discuss what the gate requires in terms of accessories in an extreme rise. Common accessories that are a matter of course for every gate can be found in other upcoming articles. We like to dedicate this article only to the accessories that were needed in addition to the usual ones. However, for the sake of completeness, we will also list the “standard” used accessories and then we will also discuss the special used accessories for the given order.

Standard accessories
for sliding gates

  • Stop rail for a cantilever gate
  • C profile (rail) for a cantilever gate
  • Galvanized cantilever gate cover
  • Start-up wheel of a cantilever gate
  • Guide polyamide wheel
  • Upper stop with rubber guide wheels
  • Start-up pocket

Special accessories
for gates with an extreme slope

  • Hydraulic brake
  • Powerful drive
  • Carrying trolleys with polyamide wheels

Visio advice at the end

Gates in such an extreme rise have one significant change compared to classic gates. Since these gates must be adapted to the given slope, it is also necessary to adapt their construction. It is therefore desirable that the lower part of the gate, i.e. the frame, follows the slope of the land. In addition, we can copy not only the frame itself but also the filling. In this way, we will create a harmony between the gate and the rising land. This kind of production is therefore somewhat more demanding than “classic” production.

Our price offers are calculated and tailored to each client. Since each client has specific requirements and specific dimensions, it is difficult to set our prices as fixed. What must be taken into account with such a gate is that the manufacture and installation of the gate is somewhat more difficult, the gate accessories are different from those of a “classic” gate. However, at the end of this article, I would like to point out that the price we agree on is always final, which means that it will not happen that the price will increase for you during production or assembly. The price at which we “shake hands” is final.

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