Discover the advantages of a pergola with a fixed roof: An elegant and functional solution for your exterior

We are happy to introduce you to our new service portfolio – a pergola with a fixed roof. This modern and elegant construction is not only an aesthetic addition but also a functional solution for your exterior.

Our most recent implementation was for client Márko M. in St. Peter, where we delivered and installed a turnkey pergola. This project was exceptional not only in its design but also in its technical solution, which guarantees maximum client satisfaction.

The pergola includes:

  • Fixed roof made of 16 mm polycarbonate
  • LED backlight for a pleasant atmosphere
  • Glass sliding doors for flexible use of space
  • Innovative water drainage integrated into one of the pergola columns
  • Elegant anthracite color, which is the most desired among our customers

Order from the customer

Client Márk M. contacted us based on our presented innovation in the service portfolio. After the initial communication, we prepared a preliminary price offer for him within 48 hours, which reflected his requirements and ideas. Subsequently, we arranged a personal meeting with the client directly at the place of future implementation.


Individual approach

Our on-site meeting made it possible to consult all aspects of the project in detail. This approach is key because it allows us to accurately understand the client’s needs and adapt our solutions to their ideas.

During the consultation, we went over all the technical and design details together to ensure that the resulting pergola was exactly as expected.


Our fixed roof pergola is the ideal solution for those looking for a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The polycarbonate roof provides excellent protection against adverse weather and at the same time allows plenty of natural light.

LED lighting gives the space a cozy atmosphere even in the evening, which makes the pergola an ideal place for relaxation or social gatherings.

Glass sliding doors ensure flexibility in the use of space – you can open them for maximum connection with the outside environment, or close them to create a protected space from wind and rain. The innovative water drain integrated into the pergola column is another example of our efforts to bring practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Advantages of a pergola with a fixed roof

Protection from adverse weather

The solid roof provides excellent protection against rain, snow and strong sunlight. This means that you can use the outdoor space in any weather without worrying about your safety and comfort.

Durability and resistance

Polycarbonate roofs, such as those with a thickness of 16 mm, are very resistant to mechanical damage and have a long service life. Polycarbonate is also UV resistant, which ensures that the material remains clear and will not yellow even after years of use.

Aesthetic appearance

A pergola with a fixed roof gives your exterior a modern and elegant look. A color, such as the popular anthracite, is easily combined with different styles of gardens and terraces, increasing the overall aesthetic value of your home.

Flexibility and adaptability

Glass sliding doors provide the possibility of flexible use of space. You can open them for maximum connection with nature or close them to protect yourself from wind and rain. This design allows you to adapt the space to current needs and preferences.

Energy efficiency

The LED backlight integrated into the pergola brings not only a pleasant atmosphere but also energy efficiency. LED lighting consumes less energy than traditional light bulbs, which contributes to reducing your energy costs.

Simple maintenance

Pergolas with a fixed roof are relatively easy to maintain. Materials such as polycarbonate and aluminum are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. This means that the pergola will look great and be functional even after years of use.

Increase in property value

Investing in a quality pergola with a fixed roof can increase the value of your property. An aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space is often an attraction for potential buyers, which can increase the attractiveness of your property on the market.

Protection of outdoor furniture

A solid pergola roof protects your outdoor furniture from adverse weather conditions, thus extending its life. This means that your furniture will remain in good condition and you will save on the cost of replacing it.

Improving the quality of life

A pergola with a fixed roof creates a pleasant outdoor space where you can relax, spend time with family and friends or simply enjoy nature. This space can serve as an extension of your home and contribute to improving the quality of your life.

Ecological solution

Modern pergolas are often made of environmentally friendly materials and offer options to integrate sustainable solutions, such as solar panels for lighting. In this way, you can reduce your ecological footprint and contribute to the protection of the environment.

A pergola with a fixed roof is therefore not only a practical but also an aesthetic addition to your exterior, which brings many advantages. If you are looking for a way to improve your outdoor space, investing in a fixed roof pergola can be the ideal solution.

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