An interesting technological project and we are the first in Slovakia

We made and installed a custom-made rail gate with accessories for a client from Dolné Kubín, a single-wing gate with accessories, a barrier with accessories, a front fence and a railing. We tuned the project in anthracite color in the pattern labeled “perforated sheet 208”.

The production itself took place according to the set production plans. The assembly was a bit more challenging as it involved a lot of wiring for the various products in the project. At the end of the day, we contacted the client and during the handover of the project we explained to him all the details regarding the control of all products, starting with the gates and ending with the barrier. 

And in what do we hold the lead?

We were the first in Slovakia to mount an implemented drive in a column of the ROGER brand. The ROGER TECHNOLOGY brand drive comes from a progressive Italian manufacturer of gate drives.

They are characterized by a high quality of processing, they work reliably and have many functions, among the most famous is the BRUSHLESS label. Unlike conventional drives, this brand boasts high performance, quiet operation even in the most demanding conditions.

This is the overall production process of every single drive component. They also declare their excellence with an extended warranty of 5 years and incredible operation of up to 1 million cycles.

5 year warranty and wifi model

ROGER Technology offers not only delivery but also the actual production of all components. These claims are backed up by an extended 5-year warranty.

We try to provide you with the maximum possible service and quality so that you are our satisfied customer and do not spend additional money on the repair of low-quality products. In case of some malfunctions, we even offer the possibility of remote repair thanks to the WIFI connection.

The WIFI module is a control and setting element of ROGER drives. Thanks to this module, you can quickly and easily control BRUSHLESS drives and barriers via mobile phone. You can set them up remotely from anywhere.

The WIFI module is a practical solution for every customer, but also for installers. Imagine controlling your gate from anywhere and at any time.

A million cycles and an unusual design

All Roger Technology mechanical components are based on the traditional design and construction principles of Italian mechanics, using precision-made components and superior raw materials, designed to last for a very long time.

All manufactured components are subject to testing, which is also why we guarantee 1,000,000 cycles for each ROGER drive.

With ROGERI, he forgets the usual contours. There is no denying Italian fashion, and the brand tries to differentiate itself in this direction as well. The proof can be the beacon itself supplied in orange / white color, the possibility to choose the color of the drive cover (black/white), interestingly shaped controls, or photocells. Development and monitoring of trends will ensure further design progress.

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