5 safety tips for your garage door

The security of your garage door is crucial to the protection of your property and the well-being of your family. In order for it to work smoothly and safely, you need to know the following tips in this article, which you can apply for control, security or maintenance.

1. Correct control and handling of the garage door are a priority

Correct garage door operation is a critical aspect of comfort, safety and efficiency for garage door owners. Modern gates with an automatic drive allow drivers to conveniently enter and exit the garage without the need for manual handling of the gate.

Before opening the garage door, always check that there are no people, pets, children, vehicles or other obstacles in the vicinity that could be in the door’s path. You have to be especially careful when closing the gate, when unwanted objects in the path of the garage door can disrupt its smooth operation.

2. Secure your garage door

Securing your garage door is a necessary step for protecting your property and ensuring home security. There are some important measures you can take to increase the security of your garage and gate.

Start by installing quality locks and latches on your gate. These mechanical safeguards can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized entry. The next step is the installation of security cameras and sensors that monitor the area around the garage and alert you to any suspicious activity. Don’t forget regular maintenance of the gate and its components to ensure their reliable functionality.

3. Learn to operate the gate in manual mode

In the event of a power outage or damage to one of the garage door components, it is necessary to know how to open or close the motorized garage door. At this point it is necessary to know how to switch the gateway to manual mode.

If your garage door has automatic drive, you must deactivate it in order to be able to open and close the gate manually. You can usually do this by pressing a button on the drive controller or on the gate control panel inside the garage.

There are several mechanisms by which the manual gate can be opened after the drive has been deactivated. With smaller garage doors, it is enough to open the door manually by pushing it or close it by pulling it down. Larger gates have either a chain or a handle to open and close the gate manually.

4. Garage door safety tips in a household with children

The garage door can pose significant risks for children due to the mechanism and the weight of the design itself. From an early age, it is therefore necessary to explain to children the risks associated with playing around the gate or manipulating the garage structure or remote control.

An excellent tip and help in preventing injuries can be obstacle sensors that can identify foreign objects or persons and react to them in an optimally fast time. If necessary, reserve a space for children to play in the wider vicinity of the garage door. This step will prevent possible injuries or toys around the garage door that could prevent trouble-free movement.

5. Think about regular maintenance of the garage door and its components

Regular maintenance of the garage door and its components is important to ensure their reliable and trouble-free operation. This is the last thing in this article that you should pay attention to. Here are some tips to consider for regular maintenance:

  • Regularly clean the gate panels, side frames, side glasses and other parts of the gate.
  • Use a good quality lubricating oil or grease and apply it to the gate hinges, guide rails, rollers, chains and other mechanical parts.
  • Make sure that the sealing elements on the edges of the gate and on the ground are in good condition.
  • If you have a motorized garage door, regularly inspect the drive and its components.
  • Make sure the gate hangs straight and closes properly in the locking mechanisms.
  • You can use anti-corrosion paint or spray to protect metal parts from corrosion.
  • Occasionally try to open and close the garage door manually and with the motor operator to make sure everything is working properly.